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Jumping Higher Is Simple

In Vertical Blueprint I teach you everything I know about jumping. 

The way I got to this point.

From barely touching the rim as a freshman.

To dunking regularly as a junior.

To doing windmills as a freshman in college.

To hitting dunks nobody has ever done before in the last year with a 44″ vertical.

Making it on SportsCenter, Ballislife, and more.

I have spent years studying myself and others.

I have done tons of programs.

Even working for multiple programs such as…

Athletic Truth Group…

Translating Human Performance…

Getting a tier 1 jump technique certification from Project Pure Athlete…

I’ve gotten to dunk and train with the best dunkers in the world!

The last 4 years of my life have been dedicated to nothing but jumping higher and dunking.

This program is to give you everything I have learned and will continue to learn.

As well as providing you with myself to mentor you as you work through your own jump journey.

To build a community whos search for gains never ends!

With positive feedback to keep you moving in the right direction.


Ready to work with me and work toward your goals?

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How do I help you to jump higher?


Our workouts are designed to progressively make you adapt over time. Working on mobility, strength, plyometrics all in conjunction to make you a better healthier athlete.


The main point in lifting is to get stronger. Sometimes this is hard to do on your own. With my  method you will be seeing your strength gains as a stat. So your never wondering am I getting stronger? There is no guessing about it.


Lifting and jumping both require technical work. Lifts are not going to work if you do not do them correctly and will put you at more risk for injury. You can gain INCHES on your vert instantly by working on technique and becoming a master of your own. 

Video Coaching

To help you master techniques you can send videos to me an and I will give you a reply to let you know if you have lifted correctly or have problems with your jump or dunk technique.


You can always send me a message through our app. I will reply within 24 hours of a message being sent. Any question. Anytime. No “limits” to how often you can use it.


I am building a group that all supports each other. I am all about helping others and having a group who all wants what is best for each other. A group of open minded people who want to make gains and help others do the same.

Video Library

Any questions I get or topics I need to cover will be put up in the members area of the site. So you can always find answers quickly. I will constantly be updating this with more information you guys want to know.


I don’t want to just coach you. I want you to learn. I will be constantly giving what I know so that you can take it and apply it. The best way to become the best athlete you can is to learn and adapt over time! This way you can help yourself and others as well!


Sometimes a huge set back can not be understanding what is being communicated. So I will be keeping a glossary up to date on the site as I teach so you can always understand exactly what I am saying.

Join the community that is all about gains!

For $30 a month you can be part of a growing community!

What really matters are results. Check out some of my clients!

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Most frequent questions and answers

You must be 18 years or older to sign up. If you are younger than 18 years old you must have a parent or guardian fill out the training waiver and email it to support@verticalblueprint.org. You can find that be using this link.

No we do not have contracts. It will be $30 a month and will charge whatever day you signed up every month until canceled. You can stay one month or forever. No hassle. No contracts. No hidden fees.

This depends on the type of knee pain you have but in general yes. If your pain is caused by tendinopathy I will be able to help you. However I am not a doctor so if you ever have concerns I would consult your doctor.

As soon as you sign up you will be adding to the program you signed up for. This will be delivered through Trainerize. You can download it by following this link! You also will get an email to join when you sign up.

This is impossible for me to know 100%. If you are a newer to lifting and jump training you will makes gains faster. If you have been training for a long time or have an above average vert already it may take you longer. However you will make progress as long as you stick to the program and are honest with yourself and me!